You’ve Led an Interesting Life—Let Me Help You Tell Your Story

Do you have stories about your life that you want to share with family, friends, colleagues, or the world? Let me help you tell them. From a brief monograph to a full-scale memoir, I’ll work with you to recreate a three-dimensional-account of your life and experiences.

Perhaps you’ve attempted just such a project yourself, only to put it away in a drawer or in a file on your computer. I can help you bring it back to life. Most importantly, the process itself can be interesting—even enjoyable.

Here’s how it works:

      • Through an initial consultation, we figure out the story you wish to tell and with whom you want to share it. 
      • I get to work, conducting interviews with you and others who can add to your story, along with additional background research as needed.
      • We check in on a regular basis to make sure the project is proceeding in the right direction.
      • A completed manuscript is ready to share with your intended audience.