About me

I’ve been a writer and an editor for the past 20 years and can’t resist a good story. Better yet, I like to help people from all walks of life tell their stories.

I came up with the idea for A Life Well Told as I was completing a monograph about the life of Harvard economist and former Secretary of Labor John Dunlop. As I traveled the country interviewing his peers about their lives in business, public service and higher education, it occurred to me that there is a world of such stories waiting to be told: about accomplished men and women who’ve led interesting lives and made invaluable contributions, often behind the scenes.

Originally from the Midwest, I now reside in Gloucester, MA with my husband. My writing has appeared in publications including the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Salon and others. I teach journalism at Boston College and UMass Amherst, and write case studies for Harvard University Law School. I co-host a national podcast on education issues, where I’ve interviewed such best-selling authors as Nancy MacLean, author of Democracy in Chains, and Richard Rothstein, author of the Color of Law. I have a PhD in English and master of arts degrees in both English and political science.