As a professional writer, editor and interviewer, I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people. Here’s what a few of them have to say about the experience of working with me…

Diane Ravitch,  Research Professor of Education at New York University, author, The Death and Life of the Great American School System

“Jennifer Berkshire is a talented and empathetic interviewer. She has a great gift for asking thoughtful questions, listening sympathetically, and drawing out whoever she is interviewing. She is also a gifted writer and turns her interviews into worthy stories that illuminate persons and issues.”

John Read, former corporate and nonprofit executive

“Berkshire has a keen intuitive sense for her subject; she does her homework and approaches her interview targets well-prepared with insightful and penetrating questions. More to the point, her ‘feel’ for the subject, in our case Professor John Dunlop, shows itself in both what she writes and how she writes it. Once done, the real Professor Dunlop reappeared in the way she told his story.”

Mike Rose, Professor, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, author, The Mind at Work

“I have known Jennifer Berkshire for years through her smart and incisive writing and more recently through being a guest on her fine podcast. She is an excellent interviewer. I have done over 250 interviews in my career, and I rank her among the best of the interviewers I’ve encountered. She is prepared, inviting, and focused but open to surprises. She is then masterful in turning the interview into an appealing story. One of the things that most impressed me about Ms. Berkshire is the integrity she brings to her work. She stays on a task until it is done as well as it can be. With a mix of skill, compassion, and determination, she gets the job done right.”

Brenda K. Eheart, founder, Generations of Hope

Being interviewed by Jennifer Berkshire was a very rewarding experience.  She immediately put me at ease displaying warmth, genuine interest in my work, and empathy.  She was friendly, professional, and above all, a very good listener.  It felt like a conversation among friends.  Ms. Berkshire also proved highly competent in tuning the interview into a compelling, extremely well-written, and accurate story.